Mobile app for Migros Ideenfabrik

The prototype

This is an iOS app I am designing for Migros, (The largest supermarket chain in Switzerland).

The idea behind the app is to empower their customers to submit ideas for improving Migros services, premises and more.

Here is a prototype of the app where you can try its basic functionality, although this is just made of images linked together rather than a living app so the client and the coding team can experience the app and make changes before taking it to production phase.

Some screens

Here are some of the screenshots that picture the overall functionality of the app following the iOS UI guidelines.

Homepage Migros App

Homepage Migros App

User Profile - Migros app

User Profile

Search form filtered by a category - Migros app

Search form filtered by a category - Migros app

Project Metadata:

Client: Migros GmbH
Digital agency I was designing for: Cooltribes
Year: 2014

Also, bringing this project to life couldn’t have been possible without the following technologies:

Basecamp, InVision app, Entypo, TETHR framework.

Resources I used during this project

Resources I used during this project

2 Responses to “Mobile app for Migros Ideenfabrik”

  1. Andres

    Hola Juan! Que buen trabajo, hace tiempo que sigo tus publicaciones y me encanta el trabajo que realizas. Te escribo porque estoy interesado en saber, y disculpa el atrevimiento, si esta empresa cooltribes para la que trabajas esta actualmente reclutando. Estoy en busca de oportunidades internacionales. Soy diseñador industrial, cualquier cosa hazmelo saber por aca o al

    Mil Gracias!

    • Juan Pernia

      ¡Hola Andres! Gracias por escribir. Si puedes enviame tu CV y con gusto se los hago llegar a los chicos de Cooltribes > juanrules[at]

      Un abrazo.

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